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50€ | 19.May.2021 | 15:30 – 19:00 (GR time)
A workshop with practical tools and case studies to help create a mindset that will support patients and medical professionals in preparing for a medical procedure in all three stages: prior to, during and on the recovery afterwards by Dr. Maaike Heutink.

In Detail:

Going to the hospital for a test – and especially in case of a surgery – can be scary. Additionally, in case of actual surgery, anaesthesia will be involved. Things you have no control over as a patient will occur. Yet, there are small things that you certainly can influence, which will make a big difference.

This workshop will be based on case studies and will provide a set of practical tools for patients. In addition, the mindset during preparation for your medical procedure is pivotal not only for the procedure itself, but also for the (duration of the) recovery process. Becoming aware of this, and being in alignment with the medical team, is an added bonus.

Another important topic in this setting is the communication between the patient and the medical professional(s). Thinking styles differ from one individual to another, and are often magnified in stressful situations. The need to know all the details – or the need not to – is an example of the meta program specific – versus general -.

And then there is the – not to be underestimated – effect of language: having ‘no good news’ may have a completely different effect on the patient than having ‘bad news’.

This workshop will give you tools to help create a mindset that will support you – whether you’re a patient or a medical professional – in preparing for a medical procedure. Moreover, the communication and the language that you use, will make an enormous difference on all three stages of the procedure: prior to, during and on the recovery afterwards.

Additionally, on the 12th May 2021, Wed, you have FREE access to the:

  1. Interview with the Chair & the General Secretary of the European Association of NLP Therapeutic (EANLPt) who will present the usage of the NLP as a tool for the psychotherapists and the research that has taken place till 2020
  2. A workshop on Medical Coaching & Body Intelligence Embodiment Coaching principles integrated into NLP health & wellness work by the CEO of Medical Coaching Institute

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