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Digital Detox & Addictions, Compulsions, Identity

100€ | 22 May 2021 | 10:00 – 17:00 (GR time)
– Addictions, Compulsions & Identity
A Cure Process on Addictions & Compulsions (alcoholism, drug, cigarette use, food, television, internet or even the “have to have someone close” addiction) by Deborah Epelman.

– Digital Awareness: a Detox Session
A detox session that will show us how to have a “Digital Balance” and make conscious choices about the use of technology to boost our happiness by Sara Pongiluppi.

In Details:

Addictions: The systemic NLP researcher Todd Epstein has developed a Cure Process for Addictions and Compulsions, working on ‘addicted’ identity.
The speaker has been using this Process with people for over 20 years, with the expected result: the person ceasing to be an addict and having choices – using the example of drinking = social drinking or not drinking anymore!
In this Lecture she will demonstrate this vision, as well as give some tips on the subject, within the systemic NLP Field:
– We consider as Addiction not only the best known, such as alcoholism or drug and cigarette use, but also for food, television, internet or even the “have to have someone close” addiction
– Knowing how to identify when it’s an addiction or a compulsion
– All work is done with the intention of leaving the identity of the person balanced and aligned, as a consequence, the person no longer needs to have any kind of addiction

Digital Detox: In this “Digital Age” we share a lot, even the most intimate details of personal life. And yet, we seem reluctant to talk about the relationship with our inseparable “smartphone” and how it has affected our lives… We are definitely more connected. Are we more productive? Are we healthier? Are we happier?
This amazing, energizing and at times, humorous, session will offer participants in a judgement-free space the opportunity to:
– explore the impact of smartphone in their lives and assess their degree of satisfaction
– discover and discuss the latest neuroscience studies results on the effects of smartphones on our wellbeing and professional performance, including the addictive component of smartphones use
– identify small changes participants can introduce short term, and long-term, to enhance their professional performance and boost their personal/relational wellbeing
Participants will walk away with greater awareness, new perspectives, concrete easy first-steps to implement new good habits, and more insights into ‘Digital Balance’, the art of making conscious choices about the use of technology to boost their happiness.

Additionally, on the 12th May 2021, Wed, you have FREE access to the:

  1. Interview with the Chair & the General Secretary of the European Association of NLP Therapeutic (EANLPt) who will present the usage of the NLP as a tool for the psychotherapists and the research that has taken place till 2020
  2. A workshop on Medical Coaching & Body Intelligence Embodiment Coaching principles integrated into NLP health & wellness work by the CEO of Medical Coaching Institute

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