Our annual conferences & events, build bridges between NLP experts and those who are experts in their field and are yet to learn NLP

We are the nlpgreece® team. We started scientific based NLP Trainings in 1998 in Greece & Cyprus and since 2017 we have expanded our dream to a global scale!

We believe that NLP is a system with many potential and diverse applications. That is why we are building a bridge between those who know and develop the NLP system and those who are experts in their field and are yet to learn NLP. Our aim is every year to hold a global on-line conference which focuses on aspects of lives.

Our scientific approach to the NLP system allows us to apply it on different & diverse protocols : business excellence, education, parenting, personal growth, coaching & training. That is why we collaborate with Universities (HEC, University of Piraeus, Aegean University) and do research programs with the support of Erasmus+.

2022 Events & Activities

>> NLP Education Conference
NLP experts & Education developers, will present NLP models that are created and specialize on how to educate children of different ages and backgrounds.
The conference addresses, apart form teachers & educational professionals, the parents as they have the role of educating their children even when the children are not there.

>> NLP University Trainers’ Training Certification
With all the faculty of NLP University, Robert Dilts, Judith DeLozier, Robbie Stainhouse, Judith Lowe & our colleges from Norway & Moscow, in September 2022 in Greece we are hosting a 14-day training program retreat.
The training retreat, addresses Certified NLP Master Practitioners who want to become Trainers and learn the knowhow, hints & tips from the experts in the field.

What is NLP…

The NLP system is a methodology that enhance us to explore and discover our mindset, the pathways and the process that the brain follows when producing a behavior.

The way we think and process information, determines the way we act or react, we move forward or avoid. The degree to which we achieve and shape the dynamics of our image in terms of how we choose to handle situations.

Do not hesitate to contact us

Yanis Athanasopoulos is the Senior Partner of nlpgreece®. He has an MBA from Manchester Business School, is an NLP University Certified Global NLP Trainer and is in charge of all the operation & registration activities for the symposium and in most cases he is the person you need to talk to and he will give you an answer and a solution for all requests.

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address: Solomou 7, Chalandri, Athens GR15232