Luca Marcolin

NLP in Family Business
Sat.  27 March 2023
10:00 – 11:30 Athens, GR time (CET+1)

Since its origins, at first as hunters and harvesters, then as farmers and artisans, people are used to combine relations and work, family and business. Only in the last two centuries with the industrialization era we separated our private, family life, from our public, professional life. Nevertheless, even if they are considered a legacy from the past, Family Businesses are fundamental elements of our economies and our society.

Many times they are seen as less developed and mature versions of bigger managerial companies, but they are performing better than non family businesses of the same size.

They have strong competencies, particularly in their products and markets, deep and shared values, flexibility and resilience, they are deeply connected with their environment. They can be an example of sustainability and social responsibility.

But they have their challenges too.

  • The vertical challenge, passing the baton from generation to generation,
  • the horizontal one, dealing at work with siblings of the same generation,
  • the internal one, developing their own organization in order to be more managerial and
  • the external one, aligning the vision for the future.

In this workshop, we will be introduced to the FBU System (Family Business Unit System), an integrated approach to family businesses developed on four quadrants and three levels.

The four quadrants are four areas of intervention – scope, people, organization and results – we developed in FBU, on the two main polarities we find in family businesses, internal harmony versus external results, on one side, and continuity with the past versus development toward the future, on the other.

But the four quadrants define, also, the four energies we have to have in our family businesses: the explorer who develops the scope, the integrator of people, the guardian of the organization and the implementer of the numbers.

The three levels are the three dimensions we have to integrate in a family business: individual, family and company.

Attending the workshop, you will have an effective framework in dealing with the family business environment, you will be able to better sort and define the requests and the needs of the family businesses you’re dealing with and a road map to define how to intervene in the most effective way.

There is a big need of an integrated and systemic approach to family businesses and you’ll be able to make available your NLP competencies in a very exciting and challenging environment. 

about Luca Marcolin

Born in 1967, married and father of two children, Luca Marcolin operates as business advisor, executive coach and trainer. He graduated in Business Administration at the University of Venice, Ca’ Foscari(110/110).

Adjunct Professor at University of Padova, teacher of “Family Business” (year 2013-2014) at the second level degree in Economics and Business Administration, lecturer (year 2016-2017).

Certified Cousellor (IACP 2004-2006, Dialogika 2008), NLP Trainer (NLP University, 2006, 2007, 2010, 2015), Spiral Dynamics Level 1&2 (London 2009, Santa Barbara, Ca. 2010).

Dolquest expert (2007-2015), Theory of Constraints Ever Flourishing Companies (Tel Aviv, 2014), Adizes Integrator (Tel Aviv 2014).

Founder and partner of The Family Business Unit, a network of coaches for family businesses.

During the managerial career (1992-2005), he has covered different responsibilities, HR, Business Control, Organization, Internal Audit, working for international companies operating in different business sectors and learning to understand and deal with people coming from different functions and environments.

Since 2005, he has developed his practice as business consultant and executive coach, working with some of the most important Italian companies, as well as for entrepreneurs and managers of small and medium size companies.

Lucas has, also, collaborated as coach and facilitator with professor George Kohlrieser at IMD, Institute of Management Development in Lausanne, CH.

His areas of interest are personal and organizational development, strategic and organizational consulting, team integration, entrepreneurship and family business. Moreover, he served as member of the Board of University of Venice (2007-2009).

He loves working with people and organizations and focuses his practice on family businesses, helping them to reach harmony and results. Family Business are one of the most challenging and exciting environments for coaches and consultants. Their complexity asks for strong business and coaching competencies but even more personal and relational abilities.