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Working with outcomes is part of the DNA of NLP. The basic and complete outcome paradigm for coaching, mediation & psychotherapy.

A ground-breaking coaching method of transforming depression into Zest for life. A step by step guide, for professionals and clients, to transform the main causes of depression.

In this “Digital Age” we share a lot, even the most intimate details of personal life. And yet, we seem reluctant to talk about the relationship with our inseparable “smartphone” and how it has affected our lives.

Practical tools, a proactive mindset and the importance the language plays, in an optimal and successful preparation, for a medical procedure.  

An insight into the psyche of traumatized people & how to work with them.

An insight into the psyche of traumatized people & how to work with them.

An approach that has transformed the lives of thousands of patients with chronic health issues worldwide, the neuroscience of the mind-body connection and the importance of language in health.

Α Cure Process for Addictions and Compulsions, working on ‘addicted’ identity

Developing a new methodology for research.

Studies are showing that for most people, stress is through the roof and burnout is becoming an epidemic of its own.

Adopting and nurturing a Fertile Mindset.

Medical Coaching & Body Intelligence Embodiment Coaching principles integrated into NLP health & wellness work by the CEO of Medical Coaching Institute

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