Judith Lowe

Modelling Your Gifted Colleagues
Sat. 27 March 2023
11.45 – 13.00 Athens, GR time (CET+1)

The real ‘spirit’ of NLP is in the practice of modelling experts and key performers.
This is a brief introduction to some of the tools and approaches you can use to find the ‘secret sauce’ that causes your talented team members and colleagues to be able to perform exceptionally well. The modelling process explores the mindsets and behaviours that underlie how they achieve their results. What is the ‘difference that makes a difference’? And can it be taught on to others in the team?

Whether you are interested in task management, people skills, creative problem solving, risk avoidance etc, modelling your gifted colleagues will be a rewarding and inspiring way to enhance your coaching and leadership skills.

In this workshop, you will learn how to model experts in any of their teams and organisation, how to see and find the talent, as well as how to understand modelling as an accelerated learning process and a way to bring team development.

about Judith Lowe

A Master Trainer NLP. She has a long-established NLP Institute in London (PPD Learning) and offers all levels of NLP, masterclasses and coaching. They also have programmes to support social change and develop resilience in challenging times.