Modelling: The foundation of NLP
Modelling is and will be the main DNA structure of the Neuro-linguistic Programming System. It keeps on expanding with new approaches, depicting the difference that makes the difference in a certain behavioural algorithm, while the field of Neuroscience offers ground for scientific evidence in research projects.

The mission of this panorama is to present to an international audience different successful NLP models in health and expand the connection with the Medical world.

Expand your repertoire and get to know new models developed by scientists and NLP Experts in Health. Learn how they modelled and created them. Explore their effectiveness and how they can influence people’s mindset in coping with health and wellbeing issues. Discover how you can integrate them to create a powerful template for yourself and your clients.

During this 6-day panorama you will have the opportunity to meet and talk with the developers themselves. Discuss potential and challenges of the models. Meet professionals from different fields. Connect with an exclusive network of peers, and gather rich resources. Benefit from a community of people who value and promote collective intelligence, sharing and contribution.

The daily setup includes: Presentation of models, Questions & Answers, Practical familiarization exercises and demonstrations, Points of view sessions from Medical Professionals


Doctors and medical professionals willing to explore different mindset building approaches for their patients and their recovery process.

NLP Professionals, curious to discover new NLP applications in Health and broaden their spectrum of approaches for themselves and their coachees.

Psychologists, dieticians, specialists & coaches, physiotherapists & rehabilitation facilitators to widen their platform with approaches that explore the inner landscape that affects the journey towards health and wellbeing.

Social Workers and professionals that deal with crisis management in order to develop the mindset that shields them from losing own balance to support the people they work in overwhelming situations, like life challenges, crisis, loss, stress.

Building bridges between medical disciplines and NLP models
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