Alexandra Efthimiadou & Yani Athanasopoulos

Harnessing success paradigms
Mon. 22 March 2023
>19.15 – 20.15 Athens, GR time (CET+1)

Walt Disney’s ability to take something from imagination, engineer it and turn it to a concrete expression, that has been creatively and positively impacting peoples’ experience until nowadays, encapsulates a fundamental process of ingenuity. His innovative approach would employ a systemic flow of thinking and organizing information around generating, synthesizing, refining a successful outcome. His approach manifested a creative strategic thinking model.

Modelling being the foundation tool of Neuro Linguistic Programming makes it possible to map successful thinking strategies of people with special talents like Walt Disney and turn them into simplified steps and apply them in order to design, organize, perform and excel in ventures. recreate the states, mindsets & behaviors that contribute to exceptional outcomes and results.

The scope of the presentation is to examine success factors on models’ of excellence thinking processes, discuss critical details that account for high performance and help professionals and entrepreneurs framework their paradigm shifts to new plans, ventures, roles.

about Alexandra Efthimiadou & Yani Athanasopoulos

Alexandra Efthimiadou is the founder of nlpgreece® since 1998.  With initial studies in Organizational Behavior & Psychology, a Master’s degree in Social Science, Birmingham University, UK and a PhD in Human Resource Management, University of Georgia, USA,  she approaches the human potential in a systemic way and provides people with leading-edge methodologies aiming to release their resourcefulness & generativity in paradigm shifts.  

She served as a key contributor to the Synolic® Human Resource Development model (by Alan Barratt and D. Patrick Georges), enrichment, by combining it with the Neuro-linguistics system of applications for depicting how people code the information inside their minds and how to re-pattern the path they use to generate new potentials, new resources, and new strengths and create a life and business orientation that aims for excellence and results. 

She cooperates with NLP University Santa Cruz California, and the Dilts Strategy Group to explore the latest discoveries in modelling human excellence to apply new generation methodologies for people to impact with a growth and stamina mindset to thrive, navigate and break through challenges, in ventures, new roles and projects.  

An active member of the NLP Global Trainer Consultancy Community, the European Board of NLP (EBNLP), the European Association of NLP Therapy (EANLPt), American Board of NLP, she participates in international projects to contextualize the Neuro Linguistics Programming, in different fields of application: Medical, Education, Business, Professional coaching / consulitng. 

Her academic projects, applying the NLP system include: HEC – Paris, Executive Coaching program – The Socratic methodology in Coaching questions, University of Piraeus, Post graduate program CSAP – The Synolic® Approachto HRD & the system of NLP in the technology of change, University of Athens, Greece, Kapodistriako (EKΠA) – Dental School – the NLP system in the Effective Communication for Dentists & Dental Assistants, University of Aegean, NLP Foundation Skills.

Her author credits include the books: NLP – Neuro-linguistic Programming Demythologised, and Parto Allios (a very Greek expression, one of its meanings being “think how you think and think it over”) and the articles: The Risk of Ambiguity in Metaphors, Journal of Experiential Psychotherapy, Vol 21, No 4, Dec 2018 & “Disobedience”— A fundamental systemic component in the origins of scientific study, International Journal of Applied of Systemic Studies, Interscience Publishers, 2022

Yani Athanasopoulos is the founder of REPÉBU and a Senior Partner of Synolic® – nlpgreece® and he specializes in Business Consulting & Training for paradigm swifts and new beginnings.

The objective is ‘’to create a mindset in order to create the conditions for achieving changes on personal, family & social level’’.

Yani, a Marine Engineer, holding an MBA from Manchester Business School, started his career in shipping and quickly moved to the iron industry in Greece and the Balkans. He specializes in re-engineering people & businesses.

He is a Certified Consultant & Trainer from the NLP Global Training & Consulting Community of NLP University at UCSC (by R. Dilts & J. DeLozier), a Mindset Maps International Coach, a RETaC Coach, Certified by the European Board of NLP at Ericksonian Hypnosis Linguistics Patterns, and has participated in masterclasses of the Milton Erickson Foundation.

He has developed a model for decision making, called theYmodel™ and is a regular guest-speaker at the University of the Aegean.

He has participated in research projects funded by the ERASMUS+ EU program on the development of training programs on effective communication methodologies for Doctors & stress management in the workplace.

He holds a member position at the Board of Directors of the Greek Alumni Association of Manchester Business School. He is a member of the Global NLP Training & Consulting Community, the European Board of NLP, the European Community of NLP and the Hellenic Board of NLP.