Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder

a meta-NLP approach

Developed by Robert Frank Pucelik
Presented by Angélique de Graaff & Robert Frank Pucelik

“Rituals of Transformation’; 'Combat Rules’ (Ground Rules) that need to be understood when wanting to work successfully with traumatized people.

For: Professional health workers, teachers, counselors and also laymen, volunteers working with traumatized people. You will get many insights and tools that will fit beautifully in your (in many cases already well-filled) toolboxes.

The overall idea and metaphor of this approach is about how the native American medicine man or shaman played the role of our present mental health professional. And with what pure insight and wisdom this was done! The medicine man led the warriors that returned from war through 5 subsequent Rituals-of-Transformation, before allowing them to return to their home-village. The medicine man thus closed the contract between the warriors and the village that first sent the men to fight like beasts for the greater good, and now allowed them to return to humanity. A contract that in modern society often remains open-ended.

The model gives…
… a refreshing insight into the psyche of traumatized people. We have failed many soldiers, refugees, victims of crime or violence and other traumatized people in helping them into their much desired transformation to ‘men and women of wisdom’. We treated them with the best intentions as though we dealt with ‘broken’ people.

Frank Pucelik -Ukraine

Frank Pucelik, the recognized 3rd founder of NLP, used NLP (originally called ‘Meta’) as a means to treat addicted young people, veterans and currently also immigrants. His Meta-NLP is a lego-mat of this PTSD-approach. His approach is refreshing and it substantiates so many things that have gone lost or diluted in NLP during the past decades.

Frank has been involved with the issue of PTSD since he left Santa Cruz in 1977. A Vietnam veteran himself – he experienced the lack of trauma care personally after his return from the war. His dedication to leave no man suffering when he can help it, will be palpable in this workshop.

Since the beginning, he has counselled veterans from eight wars. Currently, he is responsible for training counsellors from Ukraine to work with veterans and their families and with 3 million displaced citizens.

He has trained more than 1.500 doctors, psychologists, academicians, psychiatrists and volunteers. He is also involved in developing a workable, organized, effective national system of counselling centres and hospital receiving/diagnostic/medical service centres.

Angélique de Graaff -Netherlands

It was during one of my trips to Odessa, where Frank Pucelik lives, that he told me about this PTSD-model. His most dear target group being the military veterans, he also used it successfully with young addicts and traumatized immigrants.

Angélique de Graaff, originally a writer/editor and – in later life – a teacher, got totally hooked to NLP, once she discovered it. She recognized in it the endless possibilities to help people to (re)gain control over their own lives.

From Pucelik she learned about how he used the oldest, most basic and fundamental NLP (called Meta, from which NLP was born) to mitigate and heal Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. She immediately considered a growing target group in the Netherlands for which this approach could do wonders: the refugees and immigrants.

She now brings this knowledge to the health and social workers, teachers, psychologists and psychiatrists around this target group so they can close the gap (as mentioned above) that’s left open in the contract between the immigrants and society.

It inspired her to establish ‘Meta Group Holland’, a Foundation named after Pucelik’s Meta International (a worldwide platform). She is Master NLP Trainer with Frank Pucelik

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