The basic and complete outcome paradigm for coaching, mediation & psychotherapy. Working with outcomes is part of the DNA of NLP. This complex frame, handled with externalization and structured trance, is – if well trained – the basis of all technical NLP / NLPt approaches. The presentation will lead you through the frame both theoretically, methodically and personally.

Dr. Peter Schuetz -Austria

Dr. Peter Schuetz was borne 1952 in Vienna and has lived 1 year in USA & one year in GB.

He is working in Group therapy & psychodrama training 1977-1982 and NLP training 1983-1989.

  • Secretary-General of European Association on NLPt www.eanlpt.orgĀ 
  • CEO of the oldest NLP training center in Europe
    Highly certified
  • Law court swore expert for coaching and NLP Health psychologist & teaching psychotherapist ( NLPt ) MSc in Social Science & Health Mgmt MBAPhD in psychotherapy science 2017
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