A new methodology for research

In the clinical work as well in coaching the professional goal oriented model is used in NLPt has now a new methodology to be investigated. Last years many researchers were trying to get beyond the limitations of the mainstream outcome research models. To overcome those aspects Complexity Science tools and methods were considered. But the aspects of the type feed-forward and fact that we are intentional human beings were neglected . This is a first step for a whole new class of research methods.

Catalin Zaharia -Romania

With a background in medicine, a specialization in Psychiatry and in Bioengineering – graduate with MSc in Health Management Systems and Medical Informatics, Catalin, has built his interest in NLPt and NLP development. He is working as Neuro-Linguistic Psychotherapist (ECP), Professional Coach with NLP and as Neuro-Linguistic Teaching Psychotherapist. Since 2005, his main work in Romania was to organize the Neuro-Linguistic Psychotherapy 5-year curriculum training centre which currently enrolled the 3rd series of students in Neuro-Linguistic Psychotherapy.

His scientific contribution in NLP was co-authoring in 2015 the first Meta-analysis and study of effectiveness of NLP applied in psychotherapy. Last years he had multiple presentations and keynote speeches to the Society for Psychotherapy Research Conferences. He is working on his PhD at Sigmund Freud University Vienna with an application of Dynamic Systems Theory, Constructal Theory and Relativistic Quantum Theory applied in communication and transforming processes with particular applications in coaching and goal-oriented psychotherapy methods.

Currently, he holds the position of the President of the European Association for NLPt – EANLPt and the co-chair of Science and Research Committee – SARC of European Association for Psychotherapy – EAP.

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