Medical Coaching and Embodiment meet NLP

There are a few ways to shift into health and wellness. One is working with the mind so that it informs and impacts the body – which is what we do in NLP and coaching. Another is to work with the body so that it informs and impacts the mind – which is what is done in embodiment work.

The third way is to integrate both  – which is the Medical Coaching way.

In this workshop Shiri Ben-Arzi is going to teach you how to integrate Medical Coaching and UZAZU – Body Intelligence Embodiment Coaching principles into your NLP health and wellness work so that you can help you clients increase physical, emotional, mental and spiritual resilience and achieve the quality of life they desire.

Shiri Ben-Arzi -Israel

Shiri Ben-Arzi

Shiri is a Medical Coach and founder of MCI – Medical Coaching Institute.

In addition to her work as a Medical Coach and trainer, Shiri is a coach supervisor, workshop facilitator, international lecturer and the co-leader of the ICF Health and Wellness Community of Practice.

She holds certifications in Health Coaching, Co-active Coaching, Embodiment Coaching and ADHD Coaching in addition to being an NLP Trainer and Timeline Therapy Master Practitioner.

Over the past 15 years, Shiri has worked with international leading pharmaceutical companies, medical organizations and hospitals including MSD, GSK, TEVA, Pfizer, GlaxoSmithKline, Sanofi, The Israeli ministry of health and many more.

Shiri’s vision is to facilitate change in the medical system through Medical Coaching and communicational skills, adherence, resilience and Medical leadership training.

This workshop is a bonus from Shiri Ben-Arzi  CEO of MCI Medical Coaching Institute

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