Lightning Process

What if you could learn to reset your body’s health systems back to normal by using the well researched connection that exists between the brain and body?

It is well-evidenced that health can be negatively affected by our emotional state, but can we improve our health through the same mechanisms, and harness that to make every clinician/patient interaction a health-boosting experience?

In this practical and engaging workshop, Dr. Phil Parker introduces tools from his research into the Lightning Process, an approach that has transformed the lives of thousands of patients with chronic health issues worldwide, the neuroscience of the mind-body connection and the importance of language in health. You will leave with a new set of skills to help impact your patients’ health, a range of easy to apply techniques and a new fluency with the key language patterns that support the processes of recovery and change.

Dr. Phil Parker -UK

Dr. Phil Parker is a lecturer, therapist and innovator in the field of personal development. He has been lecturing on neuro-physiological training, how the brain can be used to affect physiology, since the late 1980s. He designed Lightning Process® seminars, which is now available in 16 different countries. He is known for his engaging lecturing style and ability to make complex concepts simple to understand. He is principal of the Phil Parker Training Institute and lectures at London Metropolitan University where he researches and designs programmes, and trains students.

Phil Parker first trained as an Osteopath and then post-graduately as a brief solution therapist, coach, Ericksonian Hypnotherapist and Master Trainer in NLP, and completed his PhD in the Psychology of Health researching into a new approach for addictions. He runs a practice based in London and has coached performers at the highest level, including Premiership footballers, European Tour golfers, the British Olympic medical team and was the performance psychologist for Ed Stafford’s successful Guinness World Record attempt to walk the Amazon. His has authored a number of papers and four books on coaching and health, which have been translated into a range of languages.

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