In Vivo® Fertility

Fertility can be a challenging journey, remarkably similar to life itself.
Adopting and nurturing a Fertile Mindset can make the difference that makes the difference not just for couples craving to be parents but also, if not mainly, for individuals.

After 5 years of research and modelling the different mindset that people cultivate and the way this mindset emerges into behaviour and affects decisions and outcomes, Elli Papadopoulou developed the In Vivo® Fertility model. It aims to support the goal of creating a family and building a strong relationship of growth and potential with oneself, with their significant other and with the idea and state of parenting.

In this practical and engaging workshop, Elli Papadopoulou, introduces tools and approaches from her research on the principle of fertility, as a change catalyst in fertilisation, in mindset and beyond.

Through this interactive presentation you will benefit from exploring areas, and providing resources to experience:
• Stability and calm when challenged by emotional rollercoasters
• Steadiness and inspiration not to give up when fatigue comes along
• Resilience to disappointment and negative outcome or feedback
• Ability to ‘surf along’ the waves of uncertainty
• Confidence about when and how to wait constructively
• Benefits from the various learnings and wisdom from our recent experience of the Covid19 as a multi-affecting pandemic.

Assuming an In Vivo® mindset rather than surrendering to an ‘In Vitro’ state of being can be effective and valuable when faced with all sorts of medical challenges.

A pertinent question of a great mentor comes to mind: “Who is the expert in such a journey? The ‘doctor’ or the ‘patient’?”
Mapping your journey, achieving congruence of purpose and behavior, being aware of the critical choice points along the way and being ready to sail along and across in the outer game, are the welfares of the established fertility in our inner game.
Together we will explore through the great paradigm of Fertility, ways to model it in our mindset and living. Not In Vitro, but very much In Vivo®.

… Because after all, Shift Happens!

Elli Papadopoulou -Greece

Greek by origin, a traveller in psyche Elli studied Psychology at the University of London and holds an MBA in Marketing (City University Business School). For more than 15 years she worked in the right-brain world of Advertising and Creative Communications in London and Athens and had the opportunity to work with multicultural teams with diverse mindsets.

She moved on to mastermind, build and eventually sell her own creative venture in the culinary world. Her curiosity and delight for human nature and people have led her back to her natural habitat – psychology, coaching and human resources development. Enhancing her skill set with the NLP methodology was a turning point and she progressed to qualify as an NLP Global Trainer and Consultant, USCC.

She is a member of nlpgreece® trainers’ team and specializes in Health protocol applications.

Fertility and Assisted Reproduction are her heart-bouncing passion, bringing her professional experience and personal hero’s journey together. She has developed the registered model
In Vivo ® Fertility supporting individuals and families in their fertility journey for the best possible ‘family experience’, realizing their full potential for their life to follow, whatever the outcome. Being a great believer in systemic co-creation, Elli has developed an adaptation of the model for medical teams supporting the fertility process.

She is a scientific affiliate of Athens Naval Hospital.

Her numerous contributions include training & lectures for the Hellenic Nurses’ Association & University of West Attica, Obstetrics Department.
Elli believes Fertility is a state of being. Passing the torch of a Fertile Mindset in any life-growing setting is her passion and life ambition.

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