Digital Awareness a Detox Session

In this “Digital Age” we share a lot, even the most intimate details of personal life. Certainly, the pandemic has intensified this habit. And yet, we seem reluctant to talk about the relationship with our inseparable “smartphone” and how it has affected and affects our lives… We are definitely more connected. Are we more productive? Are we healthier? Are we happier?

This amazing, energizing and, at times, humorous, session will offer participants in a judgement-free space the opportunity to:

> explore the impact of smartphone in their lives and assess their degree of satisfaction with current habits

> discover and discuss the latest neuroscience studies results on the effects of smartphones on our wellbeing and professional performance, including the addictive component of smartphones use

> identify small changes participants can introduce, in the short term and long-term, to enhance their professional performance and boost their personal/relational wellbeing

Participants will walk away with greater awareness, new perspectives, concrete easy first-steps to implement new good habits, and more insights into ‘Digital Balance’, the art of making conscious choices about the use of technology to boost their productivity, wellbeing, and happiness.

Sara Pongiluppi -Italy

Sara Pongiluppi, certified Executive Coach and Digital Balance Designer, after working for more than 20 years for NATO, today she is the President of SP International Coaching & Consulting a company based in Paris and operating internationally offering one-to-one and team coaching and customer-tailored training integrating coaching techniques. Her area of expertise includes effective leadership/communication across cultures and digital hygiene for greater productivity and wellbeing.

In 2016 she has developed a “Digital Balance” workshop, in both static and walking format, to generate a culture of conscious decision making when it comes to using our smartphones. In the past years, she has run “Digital Disconnected Conversations” walks in Rome, Paris and Berlin and, as soon as COVID19 restrictions will be lifted, she plans to bring it to more European capitals to raise awareness and promote a use of technology that is more respectful of wellbeing, one that keeps us human. She was the academic coordinator and facilitator of HEC Executive Education, Global Executive Coaching training which she codeveloped and internationalized. She is also World Business Executive Coach Summit team coach facilitator.

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