Depression Coaching with NLP

A thought-provoking quest for zest for life

There are many unknowns and assumptions we make about depression without us realizing. These unknowns form a barrier to an effective solution to this ever-increasing problem.

Coaching and depression typically are not directly connected to each other. Depression ‘belongs’ to the therapeutic domain and coaching is associated with goals, solutions and resources. These areas seem difficult to unite.

Wassili Zafiris modelled depression and happiness and learned that his coaching perspective helped to gain a deeper understanding of the depressed state. From his research he was able to develop effective tools and techniques to work with depression as a coach.

The professional coaches that work with Wassili’s method not only report remarkable results with his methodology but also a deeper understanding of their clients in general. In his latest book, HAPPINESS IS DEPRESSING, Wassili unravels what the key presuppositions are that are necessary to coach depression to Zest for Life. Because of his innovative work he received an honorary Fellowship with the International Institute for Organizational Psychological Medicine (IIOPM).

During this training you will get a holistic experience of the whole we call depression and you will learn to apply techniques that will enlighten your path to Zest for life.

The full-day training Depression Coaching invites you into the landscape of depression. You will learn inspiring new coaching techniques you can use when working with somber clients as well as any other person that would like more zest for life.

Wassili Zafiris -Netherlands

Wassili Zafiris (1964) is an NLP master trainer, coach, researcher, author, public speaker. He has 25 years of experience in the fields of personal and organisational change. He was the mental coach of the Dutch Women’s Volleyball team.

In 2017 he received a fellowship from the International Institute of Organisational Psychological Medicine. Stress and relaxation in the workplace, for the Oxford Textbook of
Organisational Psychological Medicine, will be published in the course of 2020.

He is co-developer of the business model Meaningful Profit and Faculty member of the Global School for Entrepreneurship and Innovation. He teaches Masterclasses ‘Leadership’ at Nyenrode Business University. Wassili developed the model Driven by Nature about the essential drives of people. He is a past board member of the Dutch ICF (International Coach Federation) and fulfilled European posts for the ICF. He has a passion for nature and is Climate Leader with Al Gore.

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