Addictions, Compulsions & Identity

The systemic NLP researcher Todd Epstein has developed a Cure Process for Addictions and Compulsions, working on ‘addicted’ identity.

The speaker has been using this Process with people for over 20 years, with the expected result: the person ceasing to be an addict and having choices – using the example of drinking = social drinking or not drinking anymore!

In this Lecture she will demonstrate this vision, as well as give some tips on the subject, within the systemic NLP Field:
– We consider as Addiction not only the best known, such as alcoholism or drug and cigarette use, but also for food, television, internet or even the “have to have someone close” addiction
– Knowing how to identify when it’s an addiction or a compulsion
– All work is done with the intention of leaving the identity of the person balanced and aligned, as a consequence, the person no longer needs to have any kind of addiction

Deborah Epelman -Brazil

Deborah Epelman is Psychologist formed in 1983 and started to learn NLP in 1984, working with human behaviour and development for over 30 years.

Founder of the PAHC – Brazilian Society of Programming in Self Knowledge and Communication, forming since 1993, professionals in this field, providing services and acting in the corporate area, with schools and institutions.

She did “NLP Heathy Certification” with Robert Dilts, Suzi Smith and Tim Hallbom in 1996 and is part of the NLP World Health Community since that.

She is also part of the GTC -Global NLP Training and Consulting Community- NLP Leadership Project Community – NLP Millennium Project World Community – World NLP CommUnity

She’s an NLP University Authorized User Copyright (Permitted to use NLPU Material) and NLPU Affiliated Practitioner and Master Practitioner-Certification (Affiliate Representative to NLPU)

Author of the book “Change Your Life with NLP”, Coordinator of the books “NLP Tools” – commemorative book of the 25 Years of PAHC, with 25 alumni as co-authors, “NLP & Coaching” and “NLP for Teachers” and Co-author of the books “Being More with NLP” and “NLP for Organizations”.

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