NLP Trainer & Consultancy Certification

an affiliated NLP University Certification project (NLPU400)

in cooperation with nlpgreece® & nlpincrete

Become an accredited NLP Trainer by the NLP University

in a few words ...

In just over 2 weeks, get trainered by 2 co-founders of the NLP system + 3 Master NLP Trainers, with the full faculty of the NLP University for the first time off-campus, with participants over 3 continates, in September 2019 in Crete, Greece.

Join the most unique and valuable experiences available for advanced practitioners of NLP and get certified by the NLP University.

Explore the multiple levels involved in training – the what, how, why and who. A core element of the training is to create a context in which participants can discover, explore and communicate their missions and visions related to training.

Become a Certified NLP Trainer by the NLP University & join the NLP Global Trainer and Consultancy Community network.


The Head Trainers of the NLP Trainer &Consultacy Certification are also co-founders of the NLP system & will be assisted by Master NLP Trainers

Robert Dilts

Judith DeLozier

How to enroll

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The NLP Trainer & Consultancy Certification (NLPU400) will take place at The Out of the Blue Capsis Elite Resort, 5-star Luxury Resort splendidly located on its own private peninsula, in Crete Greece with a full-board (breakfast, lunch & dinner) accommodation. A special rate is being set for all NLP University participants, depending on their registration date. Please do book and personalize your full-board accommodation, a special link that will be e-mailed to all upon registration.

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the organizers

nlpgreece® was established in 1998 & nlpincrete in 2007 and have a successful course of action in Greece and Cyprus. We promote the epistemology and the sophisticated application of the NLP system, with modern 3rd generation approaches for personal effectiveness, professional counseling and consulting and innovative models in education. Affiliated with NLP University, Santa Cruz, California, we certify people in the knowledge of NLP, through the NLP Certification programs. Our scientific profile is based on the selected team of NLP Master Trainers, who combine academic background and international experience and have studied the system in depth with the creators, and major contributors Richard Bandler, John Grinder, Judith Delozier, Robert Dilts, Tad James. We embrace the values of curiosity and collective intelligence, approach the system at its foundation basis, modeling, the difference that makes the difference and participate in research projects in collaboration with scientific communities in Greece and Europe, to draw conclusions in various applications for professionals. In parallel we collaborate with the Athens Kapodistrian University Medical School and the University of Piraeus for Systemic Studies for Entrepreneurs, to design and apply NLP in specific protocols for professionals’ distinction.

Yanis, on behalf of nlpgreece® & nlpincrete

meet Yanis

Yanis (ioannis) Athanasopoulos is an NLPU Certified Global NLP Trainer and is in charge of all the operation & registration activities for the NLP Trainer & Consultancy Certification and in most cases its the person you need to talk and he will give you an asnwer and a  sollution for all requests, just by filling in the form bellow and he will be right back to you.
14th Fleming st, Marousi, Athens GR15123

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