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broadcasting live in May 2021, from the birthland of Hippocrates and Asclepius

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nlpgreece® was established by Dr Alexandra Efthimiadou (link) and since 1998 has a successful course of action in Greece and Cyprus. We promote the epistemology and the sophisticated application of the NLP system, with 3rd generation approaches for personal effectiveness, professional counselling as well as innovative models in health and education. Affiliated with NLP University, Santa Cruz, California, members of the EBNLP, registered at the EANLPt & a certified institution of the DSG, we certify people in the knowledge of NLP. Our scientific profile is based on the selected team of NLP Master Trainers & Licensed Trainers, who combine academic background and international experience and have studied the system in depth with the creators, and major contributors: Richard Bandler, John Grinder, Judith Delozier, Robert Dilts. We embrace the values of curiosity and approach the system at its foundation basis, modeling the difference that makes the difference, in human behavior. We participate in research projects in collaboration with scientific communities in Greece and Europe, to draw conclusions in various applications for professionals. In parallel we collaborate with the Athens Kapodistrian University Medical School and the University of Piraeus for Systemic Studies for Entrepreneurs, to design and apply NLP in specific protocols for professionals’ distinction.

Our passion, vision and mission is to reinforce the scientific profile of NLP, and hand to the people, science proven knowledge on mindset growth in order to engineer transformations, breakthroughs & paradigm shifts. We promote the collective intelligence as the key ingredient in developing next-generation tools and methodologies, aiming to leave that legacy to the generations to come in our country, Greece, and to the rest of the world.

for any further information, contact Yanis, on behalf of nlpgreece®

Yanis Athanasopoulos is the Senior Partner of nlpgreece®. He has an MBA from Manchester Business School, is an NLP University Certified Global NLP Trainer and is in charge of all the operation & registration activities for the symposium and in most cases he is the person you need to talk to and he will give you an answer and a solution for all requests.
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